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DEF – CON Defensive Concealment Holster

Service Grade: $149.95
Presentation Grade: $219.95

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DEF – CON Defensive Concealment Holster

Introduced back in 1989, the DEF - CON has redefined the level of performance expected from this style of holster. Draw speed is enhanced by a cut down front edge and a very high degree of molding and detailed boning provide proper retention of the weapon, while still allowing instant access when the pistol is needed. Once it is properly broken in, the pistol will have a small degree of initial resistance to the draw and will then "pop" loose and provide a very smooth presentation. No retaining straps are needed.

This holster has a design feature found (to my knowledge) only on the DEF - CON: Please note the angle of the rear belt slot - while other holsters of this type have a rear slot that angles AWAY from the trigger guard, (which relaxes tension on the top of the holster where it is needed most to off - set the grip heavy tendencies of an autopistol) the rear belt slot on the DEF-CON angles TOWARD the trigger guard. This serves to pull the weapon in much more firmly and eliminates that annoying “flapping” against the body while running or engaging in other physical activities. The pistol moves with you while you move, staying firmly in place. This belt slot arrangement also flexes the holster mouth open to facilitate one-handed reholstering without a bulky reinforcement. Available in butt - forward (FBI Rake) configuration only, in right or left-hand models, in black. 1 1/2” belt slot is standard.

Most 1911’s (Except Wilson KZ's and other polymer frame 1911's, double column Para Ordinance models and STI's) - Please specify make, model and barrel length. We can also accommodate most railed 1911's and those equipped with a Dawson Rail, Beretta 92F/96F, Beretta Vertec, Beretta 84, Browning HP (Fixed sight 9mm models only) CZ 75B, CZ 75D Compact, CZ75D PCR, CZ75 P01, Glock - all models, HK VP9, HK VP9 SK, HK P30 SK, Kahr Arms CW-9, Kahr Arms K-9 & P-9, Kahr Arms MK-9, Kahr Arms PM-9, Kahr Arms K-.40 & P-.40, Kahr Arms PM-.40, Kahr Arms P-.45, Sig 1911's - all current models, Sig P-220, P-220 w/Rail, Sig P-226, P-226 w/ rail, Sig P-228, Sig P-229, Sig P-229 w/Rail, P-230/232 Sig P-239, Sig P-320 - all variants, Sig P365, Sig P-938, Springfield Armory XD 9mm/.40 4” & 3” models (please specify), 4" Springfield Armory XD-.45, Springfield Armory XD Tactical, Springfield Armory XDM, Springfield Armory XDM 3.8, Springfield Armory XDs and Walther PP, and PP M2, Wilson Combat Beretta 92G Centurion Tactical.

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