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I started this company in 1985 with one goal in mind - to create the finest hand made holsters that money can buy, period. No excuses, no hype, just performance. My holster designs are state of the art. The materials used in Brommeland products are second to none. No expense is spared in our pursuit of excellence for one simple reason: Your life may someday depend upon the quality of my work.

Hi Folks,

This website is antiquated and the coding is really difficult to navigate in order to do updates. Since I plan to semi-retire at the end of the year and only work part time from that point forward, spending thousands of dollars on a new site simply does not make any sense.

However, I still need to keep my customers informed - so from this point forward I would ask that you please visit our Facebook page for product information, sales and any general information updates. We would also ask that you please contact us either by phone or email - NOT Facebook Messenger. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thank you and have a great day!


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