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Endorsements & Testimonials

John S. Farnam - World class firearms instructor and author;

“I just returned from Africa where I used your holster for a Glock 19. It is excellent! Your stuff is second to none. Smooth, slim, and fast. I appreciate the opportunity to use it”.

David Spaulding - World renowned firearms and tactical expert, and author;

“…Gary Brommeland of Brommeland Gunleather is nothing short of a master craftsman…Gary’s clients read like a Who’s Who of professional pistol packers. He has made custom concealment systems for Federal drug agents, military intelligence officers, protective agents from the State Department, Special Forces personnel and, of course, police officers.”  February 1990 Combat Handguns magazine

Louis F. Alessi - President, Alessi Holster’s, Inc;

“Gary Brommeland is a holster DESIGNER, and has designed some very clever, neat and clean holsters over the years. He knows guns and leather VERY well. His concealment equipment has become quietly known worldwide by professionals for one simple reason - it WORKS !
He will leave his mark in this industry. I should know - I make holsters for a living.”

Brian Carey -18 year street cop and law enforcement firearms instructor;

“Gary Brommeland makes the best concealment systems on planet Earth - PERIOD ! ”

Andrew Wires - former Sgt. USMC Infantry & USMC Weapons Instructor. Current martial arts and firearms trainer;

“I've carried Brommeland Gunleather for concealment for the past 8 years. Around the world or here in the States, there is no other choice. The craftsmanship is second to none - but it's carry qualities put it in a class of it's own.

More from Our Customers . . . .

"I received my holster Wednesday. After one night with my plastic-wrapped 1911 in it, it fits perfectly, and it is the most comfortable IWB holster I have ever tried! In fact, most IWB holsters I have tried have been too uncomfortable for serious carry consideration, but not yours. The ultimate test was sitting in my BMW M3 driver's seat, which wraps pretty tight around the hips and lower back...Great work! "
Ed Holloway

Hey Gary,
"I received my new holster day before yesterday. I was finally able to try it on. The Kimber Ultra Carry practically disappears when using your holster. And, it’s very, very comfortable to use.
I do some leatherwork, just for fun. Your holster is a work of art. Thanks for the hard work, and yes, it was worth the wait.
Keep up the good work."

"I received my MaxConV from you 3 weeks ago. I wanted to let you know that this is a really nice piece of work. It makes carrying the Goverment Model Colt more comfortable than carrying my S&W 380.
I have several other IWB holsters for various guns, but none is as comfortable as your MaxConV, and of course it is very concealable too.
This is also a fine looking holster; too bad no one will be seeing it.
Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your work,"
C. R. Hedrick
Chatham, VA

Hey Gary!
"Just a note to say Thank You. I got my stuff on Saturday and all I can say is," AMAZING" !
I knew it would be good - I just didn't know they'd be that good. The leather seems like it was melted over the gun for a perfect fit. Everything is perfect. I can't thank you enough!"
Bruce Fegel

Dear Mr. Brommeland:
"I recently received an IWB holster and mag carrier from your company.
The entire experience with your company (ordering, pricing, delivery, etc.) was an extremely positive one.
Your courtesy, availability and suggestions (based on sound experience) were a unique "value added" that I believe sets you apart from others, as well as the quality of your products.
You may rest assured that all of my future gunleather purchases will be directed exclusively towards your firm."
Richard B. McCleery
Weeki Wachee, Fl


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