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By ordering a Brommeland product you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Firearms are potentially dangerous instruments that should be handled only by stable, responsible persons who have received proper training in their safe handling and use.

You, the consumer, assume any and all risk associated with the purchase and use of all Brommeland products.

Brommeland products are intended for use ONLY with the specific model firearm for which they were originally made. DO NOT use ANY Brommeland product in conjunction with any other firearm or accessory.

Brommeland products are intended for use ONLY with stock firearms as configured by their original manufacturer. DO NOT use trigger shoes, trigger modifications, extended safeties, extended slide stops, taller than stock front sights (or any front sight that is not of a “ramp” configuration) or any other accessory and/or modified firearm with Brommeland leather products, under ANY circumstances. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH to you or a bystander.

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