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Holster Break In

Carefully unload the weapon and wrap it with 2 layers of wax paper (with the wax to the outside), and seat it fully into the holster. Let it sit overnight. Next, work the weapon in and out of the holster a few dozen times. Remove the paper and try it. If it is still too tight, then repeat the process with 3 layers of wax paper. Continue until you get it close to the desired fit (be sure not to overdo it - it is rather difficult to un-stretch leather). Discard the paper and do a few dozen practice draws. The holster should now be sufficiently broken in to allow you to wear it and finalize the break in process. This is done by repeatedly drawing the weapon while the holster is actually being worn. Be advised that a properly broken-in holster should retain the weapon during vigorous physical activity, yet still release the firearm for a smooth draw.

Do not apply oil of any kind to any Brommeland product.

Holster Care and Maintenance

To remove light dirt, simply use a slightly damp (nearly dry) soft cloth to wipe down your holster. If dirt is severe (such as sweat build up on an IWB) then a small amount of saddle soap on a damp cloth will be helpful. (Be sure to wipe off the saddle soap residue with a damp cloth when finished.)

To moisturize leather, the only products I recommend are Lexol Conditioner, (Do not use Lexol Cleaner or Lexol Neetsfoot Formula) or Propertís Leather Balm. (Both of which can be found at western boot stores or shoe repair shops.) Simply apply a small amount (a few drops at most) with a soft cloth and rub it in. Wipe off any excess and youíre finished. This should not be required very often - once or twice a year should be sufficient under conditions of normal use.

Never apply shoe polish or oil of any kind to any Brommeland product.

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