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$159.95 (Thru size 44 - larger sizes please call for pricing)

Tapered: $179.95 (Thru size 44 - large sizes please call for pricing)

We offer very high quality dress gun belts made from two layers of 7-1/2 ounce leather, bonded and lock-stitched together. These belts are cut from along the animal’s spine - the part of the hide that is very flexible, yet incredibly strong. We usually make only one belt from any single hide. A truly remarkable piece of leather may yield a maximum of two belts. (This method is more expensive, but it is the only way to insure that you get the best possible performance.)

Combat Dress Belts are curved to lay flat on the hipbones (and thus enhance the level of comfort), and sport a solid brass buckle that is secured by twin solid brass Chicago screws. The end result looks like a dress belt, but performs like a gun belt.

Available in 1 1/4” and 1 1/2” widths, these belts provide a stable foundation to properly support your holster and insure it’s function. Color black.

All Combat Dress Belts are available with 5 holes spaced 1 inch apart or with 7 holes spaced 3/4" apart. (Please specify)

If ordering a CDB for a woman, please include that information with your order. It will be curved so as to place the buckle on the right instead of the left (as with a man’s belt) and it will be curved tighter to properly fit a woman’s hipbone structure - there is no extra charge for this.

Please note: These prices are for belts up to size 44 only. Other sizes will be quoted individually. Also, please understand that belts are not returnable, so be sure to measure as follows: While wearing the weapon (and spare magazine) in the position intended (inside the waistband - IWB, or outside the waistband - OWB) make a note of which hole you are presently using on your existing belt. Then remove the belt and lay it out flat. Now measure from the base of the buckle (where the leather wraps around it) to the hole that you are using. BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE CONTOUR OF THE BELT WHEN MEASURING. This number is the correct size that you need to order. It will be the middle hole on your new CDB and will allow you approx. 2” of adjustment either way.

Belts must be packaged separately from holsters and mag pouches to insure that everything arrives undamaged. Please add an additional $10 to all orders that include both a belt and a holster to cover the shipping charges for the second package. Thank you.

DEF-CON Single Magazine Pouch

DEF - CON Single Magazine Pouch: $59.95 - Single Stack Mags

DEF - CON Single Magazine Pouch: $69.95 - Double Column Mags

Designed in 1989 as the companion to the DEF - CON holster, this mag pouch has proven to be so versatile that it has replaced all of the other designs I’ve offered. It is so flat and concealable that it disappears even under an un - tucked tee shirt, and instantly places a magazine (bullet forward) at your fingertips. The forward rake allows the magazine to be drawn at an angle that is well within the human shoulder’s normal range of motion, even when crouching behind cover. (When squatting, the pelvis tilts backwards and a magazine carried vertically is actually pointing to the rear. This is an angle that is VERY difficult to draw from.) It is available in both right and left - hand models, in black. 1 1/2” belt slot is standard.

DEF-CON Double Magazine Pouch

DEF - CON Double Magazine Pouch: $89.95 - Single Stack Mags

DEF - CON Double Magazine Pouch: $109.95 - Double Column Mags

For those that prefer a double magazine carrier, the DEF - CON Double Mag Pouch is everything you could possible want. Both magazines are carried (bullet forward) with a forward rake that allows instant access, even while crouching behind cover, and are spaced far enough apart to eliminate the “fumble factor” present in lethal force confrontations. In addition to the dual belt slots, there is also a belt loop between the magazines to keep it firmly against the body to insure proper concealment. It is available in both right and left - hand models, in black. 1 1/2” belt slot is standard.

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MAG - FLASH Pouch: $89.95 - Single Stack Mags

MAG - FLASH Pouch: $99.95 - Double Column Mags

The Mag-Flash meets the need for those who must carry both a spare magazine and a small tactical flashlight. It is a very neat, comfortable and concealable package, and is available in both right and left - hand models, in black. Please note: It is available for either the Surefire 6P, Surefire G2 or Executive lights at this time. Please specify. 1 1/2” belt is standard.

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TAC - LITE Pouch

TAC - LITE Pouch $59.95

Based on the DEF - CON single mag pouch, this product provides a comfortable, secure and concealable means of carrying a small tactical flashlight. Available for either
Surefire 6P, Surefire G2 or Executive lights at this time (please specify), in either right or left - hand versions (it is intended to be worn on the weak hand side) in black.
1 1/2” belt slot is standard.

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